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Life Course and Generations

Research and practice development project 2011–13


The Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged is carrying out a research and practice development project called Life Course and Generations, which continues until the end of 2013. The project aims to bring together people of different ages, to promote particularly older people's psychosocial wellbeing and inclusion, and to reduce their loneliness and exclusion through increasing intergenerational dialogue.

In a society facilitating wellbeing and social justice, people of all ages can act together in meaningful ways. Different age groups have different roles and tasks in their communities, and people of different ages are interrelated in various ways. However, in public discussion positive mutual dependency and dialogue are rarely represented to any significant extent.

In the project we will:

  • Study how people of different ages understand life course and their own place in the generational chain, as well as about what they think of people older and younger than themselves
  • Campaign to promote active public discussion about intergenerational tensions and possibilities of acting together
  • Act to initiate intergenerational activities and communities



The project Life Course and Generations will campaign nationally throughout 2012 for intergenerational solidarity and action by challenging relevant actors to develop and display intergenerational activities particularly in the fields of culture, sports, and food. The challenge campaign is called Four Generations Meet.

The actors challenged will include, e.g., NGOs, children and old people's day care centers, schools and other institutions of education, old people's homes, institutions of arts and culture, libraries, and enterprises. Information of the intergenerational activities will be gathered into a national database to promote them further in the future.

The campaign will include also three major national events revolving around the campaign themes: Four Generations' Dinner on Valentine's Day (February the 14th); Four Generations' Carnival on the European Day of Solidarity between Generations (April the 29th; introducing different intergenerational practices), and Four Generations' Culture (coinciding with the Week of the Elderly in early October).


The project is carried out in collaboration with other civil society organizations, universities and private enterprises. It is funded by the Finnish Slot-Machine Association.

Download the Four Generations Meet/Life Course and Generations brochure (PDF)

 Four Generations Meet brochure


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